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Our story.


The Cambri name is based on the Cambrian Explosion, the period of rapid expansion and diversification of different forms of life on earth. At Cambri we are inspired to fuel product innovation with the tools and mindset for evolution and growth.


We built our solution on the same formula that works in nature:



Creative success is preceded by periods of exposure to different ideas and ways of thinking.



The iterative mindset is what has been proven to drive success.

Meet the Cambrians

Cambri exists because of the unique and diverse background of our team including advanced market research, academia, brand innovation and data science.


Dr. Heli Holttinen


Dani Kamras
Business Development Manager


Dr. Outi Somervuori
Head of Research

Trusted partners who work with us

We work with several trusted partners who interact with our data at different stages. The majority of our partners are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), and for the partners who reside outside the EEA, the transfer of any data outside the EEA is governed by the standard contractual clauses as defined by the European Commission.


Our primary panel partners include Cint AB, Dynata Sweden AB, Bilendi AB, our data hosting is handled by AWS EMEA Sarl, and we work with LogRocket Inc. who provides us selected log services.


In addition, we may use The Rocket Science Group LLC (Mailchimp), to distribute selected information to some pre-determined mailing lists based on the instructions of our clients.


We work also with Veracell Oy, and Wakeone Oy, who provide us with on-demand product development and technology consultants, subject to equivalent confidentiality and data security terms as our own employees.

Ready to get started on your iterative testing journey?

We are always happy to help you find the most efficient way to start your processes. Reach out for a casual chat.

  • Martin Forslund
  • Erik Hoover Tingvall
  • Arjen Boertjes
  • Vikas Singh