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Cambri harnesses iterative innovation to give insights a starring role in decision making.



Cambri empowers ambitious teams and organizations to learn and iterate fast.

With each test, Cambri begins with business questions and delivers rapid critical insights using advanced methods and automated workflows. The results are often available in hours and nudge teams to focus creativity on the most essential learnings. The automated studies and tests incorporate common methods and KPIs that scale and replicate across projects and teams.

Cambri makes it easy to understand consumer value creation and where to focus creative energy.

Cambri’s automated consumer research and concept testing workflows are based on academic knowledge regarding consumer decision making and value creation in everyday life. In the test set-up, Cambri guides teams to articulate their hypotheses and ideas from the perspectives that relate to how consumers create value for themselves by using brands and products. When analyzing results, Cambri offers in-depth insights into how brands and products can become worthy of attention, accepted and eventually loved by different groups of consumers.


Cambri saves everyone time, from hours to days.

Cambri’s automated workflows remove redundant steps, enabling teams to focus their creativity and energy on the most important and inspiring tasks. Cambri reduces hassle with an intuitive interface and by automating workflow. Users simply add stimulus, choose target group and then focus on analysing the easy-to-grasp results. The cleaned data and results are packaged into graphs, PPTs and cross-tabulated reports that inform decisions and also enable a deeper dive into country and target group comparisons and consumer segmentations.

Cambri makes iterative innovation enjoyable and enables everyone to work with premium quality insights.

Because Cambri has advanced methods running under the hood and the workflow is so simple, you don’t necessarily need consumer research expertise on the team. Cambri invites your whole team to collaborate on your project including articulating ideas and interpreting results. Cambri makes your team confident, provides a shared purpose on how to provide meaning for consumers and encourages bold exploration and creativity.


Ready to get started on your iterative testing journey?

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