Cambri and Carlsberg: Showcasing the power of AI-driven innovation at Quirk’s London

Apr 26, 2023

2023 marks the third year Cambri is attending
Quirk’s London. We are delighted to be a gold partner and have a prominent presence in the market research industry. Participating in these events allows us to share our latest findings and connect with like-minded individuals.  

If you’re visiting, do pop by booth #200 and say hello! We’ll be providing a sneak peek of our forthcoming product Launch AI™, developed to dramatically boost launch success through AI- driven predictions and recommendations. We’ll be joined by our pioneering customers Sophia Khayati from Carlsberg Sweden and Tommila Riikka from Sinebrychoff, both part of the Carlsberg Group, who have played an instrumental role in helping develop this exciting product release. Check out the agenda here. 

Achieving a successful product launch 

Consumer insight has always supported product development. ​Yet, all too often consumer testing is just a validation check box, conducted too late in the process. To understand the effect this is having on companies, a Harvard Business School study translated this data into hard-hitting facts: 30,000 new products are launched each year - and 95% of them fail.  
Let that sink in for a moment.  
We’re talking 28,500 failed product launches annually, resulting in a significant waste of company time, money and resources. 

Sharing innovation best practices 

Cambri is actively trying to help reduce this needless waste and unnecessary impact on the environment. Our vision is that every team can run iterative innovation to only ​bring relevant brands and products to market. Which is why we’ve spent the last 4 years developing a product development platform that's helping global brands de-risk innovation and increase the likelihood of creating products people will want to buy. How do you ensure your odds for successful product launches are as high as possible? It all boils down to testing early, testing often and learning fast. Agile testing democratizes and empowers the whole organisation, resulting in fewer failed launches, fewer missed opportunities and more best-selling products. 

Add to that Cambri’s proprietary Launch AI™, which accurately predicts the potential success of a product and whether to launch or not and why, creating a fail-safe for innovators. 

How the Carlsberg Group innovates probably the best beer in the world 

The Carlsberg Group continues to innovate and grow revenues with every new launch. What’s more, they do it knowing they will be successful. Their secret sauce? Simply put, they understand the need to constantly test and bring the voice of the consumer into every stage of their innovation process.

Cambri’s proprietary Launch AI accurately predicts the potential success of a product and whether to launch, creating a fail-safe for innovators

This open-minded approach enables the Group to stay up to date, keep their options open and avoid ruling out potentially great ideas early in the process. It allows them to anticipate trends – an extremely important factor in today’s current climate, where most consumer product companies are seeing a more rapid shift in consumer behaviour and preferences. In fact, this is the very reason why novelties are playing an even bigger role in Carlsberg’s portfolio today than before – Carlsberg Group’s two strategic focus areas are to premiumize their portfolio and to secure a strong presence in the growing alcohol-free category.  

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