Webinar: How to gain insight from open-ended responses with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Sep 21, 2022

Leverage consumer insights and boost product innovation 

While many recognise the benefits of analysing respondents’ open-ended textual answers, more often than not, we don't have the time to do it. It can take from hours to days, blocking valuable resources. Until now!

With the launch of a custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, Cambri provides the opportunity to automatically analyse open-ended answers. It enables users to easily obtain an overview of the most commonly mentioned topics in respondents’ answers, while retaining the ability to investigate individual answers so that ideas can be developed further.

NLP meets the needs of the modern product innovator: to learn fast and in depth from open-ended answers!

In this webinar, we provide an example of Cambri’s custom NLP solution in action and showcase the results it can help you achieve. We also compare NLP analysis to a manual custom analysis, to highlight how NLP can save you time and increase the quality of insight acquired.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get the big picture in seconds – the Cambri user interface gives you a quick overview of the most important themes
  • Know what topics consumers are talking about and how they react to them – obtain high-quality automated content and sentiment analysis
  • Deep dive into individual responses – this is where you can find the winning ideas for innovation!


Our speakers

Dr Tommi Pajala
Tommi is an experienced data scientist with a PhD in consumer decision making research. Throughout his career, his focus has been the application of statistical and machine learning methods in various business problems, including anomaly detection, risk profiling, marketing effectiveness estimation and natural language processing. At Cambri, Tommi is responsible for our data science operation, but still gets his hands dirty with the data on a daily basis.

Dr Apramey Dube
Apramey is a consumer insight and CX expert with 10+ years of extensive experience in generating actionable insights. Focusing on customer experience and value creation, Apramey holds a PhD in marketing and is responsible at Cambri for working with pricing research, concept tests and other managed services.


Find out how NLP can help you create products customers will love.

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