Webinar: How to improve your odds of launching successful products?

Jun 15, 2022


Learn to run modern Product Concept Testing!

Consumers are looking for products that help them to create more value for themselves. They face obstacles in their value creation aims and thus need help from brands and products in “getting their job done”.

In this Cambri webinar, our experts will share best practices for understanding customer aims and pains and testing value propositions so that you will eventually launch only meaningful and long-lasting products.

Modern product innovation is about running product development in an iterative test-and-learn manner.

By watching this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to articulate and test customer aims and pains. This will help you to understand and validate what exactly consumers want to get done in a specific use context.
  • How to formulate and test your product value propositions so consumers get their job done.  This will help you identify what will improve your odds for successful product launches.


Our speakers

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Dr Heli Holttinen
Heli is the Founder of Cambri and leads product development. She holds a PhD in marketing. Her studies have focused on understanding how consumers create value for themselves by using brands and products. Heli believes that today's winners are ambitious purpose-driven teams who learn fastest.

Dr Apramey Dube
Apramey is a consumer insight and CX expert with 10+ years of extensive experience in generating actionable insights. Focusing on customer experience and value creation, Apramey holds a PhD in marketing and is responsible at Cambri for working with pricing research, concept tests and other managed services.


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