Webinar: Identify the best price, content and size for your portfolio

Oct 26, 2022


Level up with these expert tips from Cambri Managed Services

You put your heart and soul into ideating, creating and launching your products. But it’s a fast-moving market and the competition is often tough. If only there was a way to win that edge and shine the spotlight on your offering.

With Cambri’s Managed Services, you have full access to expert knowledge and advice to ensure your portfolio is reaching its full potential. From really diving into customer behaviour and reasoning, to analysing the competition, to finding the ideal price range, best packaging and more, we’ve got you covered.

Win that edge and shine the spotlight on your offering

In this webinar, Dr Apramey Dube, Senior Research Manager at Cambri, and Dr Outi Somervuori, Co-Founder & Head of Managed Services at Cambri, highlight the ways you can boost your products to maximise your offer.

In this session, we'll:

  • Take a look under the hood – Find out what drives consumer choices and will make your product stand out from the competition.
  • Explain how to tailor your offering – Learn how to find the best portfolio size and select which products to include.
  • Talk maximum impact – Investigate what packaging sizes and price points will maximise your product's appeal.

Our speakers

Managed Services webinar - speakers (2)

Dr Apramey Dube
Apramey is a consumer insight and CX expert with 10+ years of extensive experience in generating actionable insights. Focusing on customer experience and value creation, Apramey holds a PhD in marketing and is responsible at Cambri for working with pricing research, concept tests and other managed services.    

Dr Outi Somervuori
Outi is a co-founder and Head of Managed Services at Cambri. She has extensive experience in market research as a product manager (client side), academic research (Aalto & Stanford Universities) and business research. Her main focus is pricing research, especially the psychology of pricing, which she published a book on. Outi has also appeared in the media including BBC, Yle and Helsingin Sanomat.


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