Webinar: Iterative product development – How product designers involve consumers in the development process

Oct 20, 2022

Placing consumers at the heart of everything for better results

It can be difficult to transform old ways of working – they’re comfortable, they’re familiar and everyone knows what they need to do and when. But by being open to change, you can discover new, better methods that actually make things smoother for you and your customers.

Placing consumers at the centre of everything you do ensures their needs are met throughout the process, creating happy, engaged customers! In addition, teams are able to continuously improve and grow by regularly implementing consumer feedback for maximum impact.

By being open to change, you can discover new, better methods that make things smoother for you and your customers

In this webinar, Kimmo Kemppaala, Lead Designer at a major financial group in Finland, and Dani Kamras, Co-founder at Cambri, discussed how organisations can shake up their product design process to align with consumers, including the positive impact achieved and how to measure success following implementation within the company.


We covered:

  • The beauty of feedback How an iterative approach to product design and development is fuelled by consumer insights
  • Where to start – How a major financial group put consumer needs at the centre of their iterative approach
  • Insider tips and tricks Discovered the dos and don'ts of iterative product design

Our speakers

Iterative Product Design webinar - speakers-1

Kimmo Kemppaala
Kimmo Kemppaala is a Lead Designer with an extensive career, having worked for companies like Nokia, Microsoft, Polar Electro and OP Group. He is an experienced product design lead, passionate about Mobile Design and a skilled professional in UX, Visual and Motion Design. 

Dani Kamras
Dani Kamras is one of the co-founders at Cambri. He has been working with consumer-driven innovation for 10+ years, with a focus on FMCG & CPG companies. Dani is especially interested in how consumer insights can create a more creative and fruitful innovation culture in companies.