Webinar: Predicting the unpredictable: How to future-proof your 3-5 year innovation pipeline

Nov 23, 2022


Using consumer behaviour to prepare for the midterm

Living in such uncertain times means it's more important than ever to start planning for the future. But even when we know how to gather forward-looking insights, how do we transform them into concrete innovations?

A window to the future: turning macro insights into mid-term opportunities

In our webinar, Oskar Korkman, co-founder of Alice Labs, and Dani Kamras, co-founder at Cambri, discuss mainstream trends and how you can draw on them to create opportunities as part of your 3 to 5 year plan.

In this session, we'll:

  • Explore mainstream behaviour – Understand how to use current consumer trends and actions to map the road ahead.
  • Talk research methodologies – Learn how to combine different methodologies for mid-term innovation.
  • Get up close and personal – Discover what characterises someone who is leading future mainstream behaviour and values.

Our speakers

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Oskar Korkman

Oskar is co-founder of Alice Labs, an insights-driven strategic consultancy, specialised in finding opportunities and helping companies to grow in better ways. Previously, Oskar was Director of Consumer Intelligence at Nokia and Consumer Evangelist at Microsoft, and has 15+ years' experience in global research and turning insights into business decisions. He also has a Master in Education and a PhD in Marketing.

Dani Kamras
Dani Kamras is co-founder at Cambri, where he also chairs the sales team. A strong believer in innovation, he views it as a fundamental part of a company's success. Dani encourages the implementation of customer insights into product development processes to ensure successful launches.

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