Webinar: Taking insights in house: The key to agile decision-making

Jan 18, 2023

Take control and drive decision-making in house

Sound daunting? Royal Swinkels Family Brewers did it. Join us as their very own Global Insight Manager Sean Durkan tells how he tackled the same challenges you’re up against by bringing more of their insight work in house.

Stricter budgets are making it increasingly difficult to gauge erratic consumer behaviour and habits. But what if we show you a way you can regain control and stay on track? 

Obtaining quick, reliable insights in house without expensive agencies in the middle is a piece of cake once you know how

We're already wearing many hats in our current roles, but getting your hands on solid consumer insights is another string you can add to your bow. It will save you time, money AND it's a lot easier than you think - even non-experts can do it!


What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Cut out the middleman – Discover how bringing your insight work in house can increase your project capacity, boost turnover and lower costs, all without sacrificing quality
  • Shake things up – Create a cultural shift where even more hypotheses get tested so you can make better informed decisions faster
  • Time for action – A checklist of everything you need to make sure your team is aligned and prepared for this exciting change
  • Dive into the unknown – Tips and tricks to stay on track when performing your own insight tasks 


Our speakers

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Sean Durkan

Sean is a dedicated International Marketing and Insight Specialist. Highly experienced in Research and Insight, Brand Strategy and Development, Sean has spent the last 13 years honing his skills in different marketing and insight roles at Royal Swinkels Family Brewers.

Dani Kamras

Dani is a co-founder at Cambri. A strong believer in innovation, he views it as a fundamental part of a company's success. Dani encourages the implementation of customer insights into product development processes to ensure successful launches.

Ready to discover why insight work begins (and ends) at home?

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