Webinar: The dreaded cost-of-living crisis: 3 strategies for consumer brand survival

Nov 9, 2022

Take action against the current crisis and stay afloat with these insider tips

Times are tough - there's no denying it. But by taking decisive action and gaining a deeper understanding of the effect on consumer grocery shopping habits, you can minimise the damage to your brand.

Take it from someone who knows - Kotipizza, the largest pizza chain in the Nordics, has extensive knowledge of the fast casual restaurant chain business and has already implemented measures to protect their organisation.

By understanding the effect on consumer grocery habits, you can protect your brand

In this webinar, Johanna Kuosmanen, Digital & Customer Experience Director at Kotipizza Group, and Dr Outi Somervuori, Co-Founder & Head of Managed Services at Cambri, reveal tried and tested strategies that can help other consumer brands come out of the current climate on top.

In this session, we'll:

  • Examine consumer behaviour – Find out what drives consumer grocery budgets when belts are being tightened and how to respond.
  • Explore the options available – Don't throw in the towel. We'll share actions you can take right away to survive.
  • Prove knowledge is power – Consumer insights hold the key to making the right decisions. Listen to three strategies Kotipizza has successfully applied and how they work so you can implement them too.

Our speakers

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Johanna Kuosmanen
Johanna is the Digital & Customer Experience Director at Kotipizza. At the epicentre of her multifaceted role are digital innovations, strategy, e-commerce, client understanding and loyalty, marketing and brand. The common goal is growing the business. Together with clients, she has built the Kotijoukot-loyalty program. The use of customer data and marketing technologies play a key role in running and developing the service.

Dr Outi Somervuori
Outi is a co-founder and Head of Managed Services at Cambri. She has extensive experience in market research as a product manager on the client side, academic research at Aalto & Stanford Universities, and business research. Her main focus is pricing research, especially the psychology of pricing, which she published a book on.

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