Webinar: Uncover new growth opportunities with MaxDiff

Mar 23, 2022

Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff), also called best-worst scaling, is a way to analyse the relevance of a number of alternatives and compare and prioritise between them.

Join us to learn about how MaxDiff can help you uncover new growth opportunities and the insights from Cloetta's success story, one of the leading confectionery companies in the Nordic region and The Netherlands.

Too many options result in information overload and can lose you opportunities - find the right ones with MaxDiff

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is MaxDiff and what business questions can it answer?
  • Why is MaxDiff a better technique than simple ranking or rating questions?
  • How has Cloetta saved time and created tangible value with Cambri’s MaxDiff functionality?


Our speakers



The webinar's attendees are Insights managers, Test-driven managers, Brand managers and Marketing managers from a broad cross-section of companies, ranging from established manufacturers and brands to innovative new startups.


Ready for a practical crash course on using MaxDiff for a diversity of tests?

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