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Here you will find all past and upcoming Cambri webinars. Stay tuned! We will be adding more webinars on a regular basis.

ux-indonesia-WCID2JWoxwE-unsplash_jpg__2400×1600_Iterative product development
How Product Designers involve Consumers in the development process.


Thursday, Oct 20th 2022
11 am (CEST) / 10 am (BST)


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webinar how to gain insight with nlpHow to gain insight from open-ended responses with Natural Language Processing

Maximise text analysis with NLP.


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How to improve your odds of launching successful productsHow to improve your odds of launching successful products

Learn to run modern Product Concept Testing!


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How to make irresistible pack designsHow to make irresistible pack designs

Guidelines on how to design packaging that attracts the customer’s attention.


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Fight inflation without losing customersFight inflation without losing customers

A study about consumer perceptions of price increases in the UK and the key European markets.


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Uncover new growth opportunities with MaxDiffUncover new growth opportunities with MaxDiff

Learn how MaxDiff can help you uncover new growth opportunities.


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